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2// This is a SPIP language file  --  Ceci est un fichier langue de SPIP
3// extrait automatiquement de
4// ** ne pas modifier le fichier **
6if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) {
7        return;
10$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
12        // C
13        'c_accueil_bienvenue' => 'Welcome @nom@!',
14        'c_accueil_configurer_site' => 'Configure your site',
15        'c_accueil_configurer_site_texte' => 'One of the first things to do is to give a name to your site. It is now named "@nom@". The site name is displayed at the top of this page. By clicking on it, you can change its name, but also give him a logo and a slogan.',
16        'c_accueil_publication' => 'Publish!',
17        'c_accueil_publication_texte' => 'To publish a page, you need to create an article.
18It is also necessary that you create at least one section to do so. You can proceed by clicking on the menu "Edition" then  on "Sections".',
19        'c_accueil_texte' => 'You have just entered SPIP’s private area.',
20        'c_accueil_texte_revenir' => 'This page shows the latest editorial activity on your site.
21You can visit this page at any time by clicking the "house icon",
22on the top, under your name.',
23        'c_article_redaction' => 'The editing of this article is in progress', # The editing of this article is in progress
24        'c_article_redaction_redacteur' => 'This edition of this article is in progress',
25        'c_article_redaction_redacteur_texte' => 'To propose your article to the site administrators and to the other editors,
26within the block on the column side, change "edition in progress" to "submitted for evaluation."',
27        'c_article_redaction_texte' => 'To publish this article on the public site, change its status.
28In the block on the side column, change "editing in progress" by "published online".',
29        'c_articles_creer' => 'How to create an article?',
30        'c_articles_creer_texte' => 'You cannot create an article from this page
31                unless there is at least one section in your site.
32                You can create it from the "Sections" menu under "Edit". ',
33        'c_job' => 'Jobs to do...',
34        'c_job_texte' => 'This page lists upcoming maintenance tasks to be made by SPIP. These tasks are executed at regular intervals or occasionally for heavy processing required by plugins, such as sending bulk email.',
35        'c_rubrique_publier' => 'Create an article',
36        'c_rubrique_publier_texte' => 'A section is visible on the public site only from the moment it contains at least one published content, for example: a published article.
37So create an article. You can do it from this page under the description of your section.',
38        'c_rubriques_creer' => 'Create a first section !',
39        'c_rubriques_creer_texte' => 'Sections are the basic structure of the site, you can create articles in each of them. Start by creating a first section.',
40        'c_sites_creer' => 'How to create or import a site?',
41        'c_sites_creer_texte' => 'You can only create or import a site from this page when a section already exists in your site.
42You can create it from the menu         "Edit", then "Sections".',
44        // E
45        'explication_activer_compagnon' => 'The companion adds comments on some pages of the private area to assist in taking SPIP in hand. Would you like to activate it?',
46        'explication_reinitialiser_compagnon' => 'Messages already seen by an author won’t be displayed then.
47Would you like to reset these messages?',
49        // L
50        'label_activer_compagnon' => 'Enable the Companion?',
51        'label_reinitialiser_compagnon' => 'Reset the Companion’s messages?',
53        // O
54        'ok' => 'OK',
55        'ok_bien' => 'Good!',
56        'ok_jai_compris' => 'I got it!',
57        'ok_merci' => 'Cheers',
58        'ok_parfait' => 'Alright!',
60        // R
61        'reinitialisation' => 'Resetting',
62        'reinitialisation_ok' => 'Resetting done',
63        'reinitialiser' => 'Reset',
64        'reinitialiser_moi' => 'Yes, only those I’ve already read',
65        'reinitialiser_tous' => 'Yes, whoever is the author',
67        // T
68        'titre_compagnon' => 'The Companion',
69        'titre_page_configurer_compagnon' => 'Configure the companion'
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