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ajoute la possibilite de declancher soit meme les remplacements des divs + regle probleme avec sites multilingues.

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2if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) return;
4$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
5'nom' => 'AJAX Navigation',
6'trouver_doc' => 'For more infos about this plugin\'s configuration, please go to ',
7'conf_plugin' => 'Plugin configuration :',
8'pages_titre' => 'The types of pages that will be loaded asyncronously :',
9'pages_expli' => 'a list of space-separated page types, like: "sommaire article rubrique"',
10'ajax_divs_titre' => 'The ids of the elements to be loaded asynchronously :',
11'ajax_divs_expli' => 'a list of space-separated ids, like : "contenu extra"',
12'loc_divs_titre' => 'The ids of the elements to be reloaded only if the language changes :',
13'loc_divs_expli' => 'a list of space-separated ids, like : "menu navigation"',
14'html4' => 'Use hash urls with old browsers :',
15'use_modern_lib' => 'Use the provided Modernizr library : ',
16'use_history_lib' => 'Use the provided History.js library : ',
17'auto_replace_divs' => 'Automatically replace the divs.',
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