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2// This is a SPIP language file  --  Ceci est un fichier langue de SPIP
3// extrait automatiquement de
4// ** ne pas modifier le fichier **
6if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) return;
8$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
10        // D
11        'descriptif_boussole_spip' => 'SPIP compass gathers "official" websites of the SPIP galaxy. For each website, logo, name, slogan and description are defined. Do not hesitate to use this compass on your own website for guiding visitors into the SPIP Galaxy.',
12        'descriptif_site_spip_blog' => 'SPIP is a collaborative project, so  gathers technical notes and announcements as well as self-mockeries, trolls and humorous articles. In this regard, it reflects the SPIP community spirit: tenderness first!.',
13        'descriptif_site_spip_contrib' => ' is a collaborative website where external contributions are published: plugins, scripts, functions, templates, documentations, tip and tricks... are given to the community (e.g. download links) by SPIP users. Forums preserve relationship between users and developers.',
14        'descriptif_site_spip_core' => ' gathers modification history of SPIP source code, issues tracking to manage bugs and improvements and a SPIP releases download area.',
15        'descriptif_site_spip_demo' => ' is a test website reset every night. In one click and without having to install it, you can test, as administrator or editor, the SPIP latest stable release.', # MODIF
16        'descriptif_site_spip_doc' => ' is where every fonction from the SPIP source code is detailled, analysed and comment (name, place, parameters, meaning and use).', # MODIF
17        'descriptif_site_spip_edgard' => 'Edgard is the faithfull and tireless companion of SPIP IRC where he shares his knowledge, with tenderness and humor. From his home, brings advices on IRC, answers and happiness. Edgard is definitely a robot (but he doesn’t know about it...)', # MODIF
18        'descriptif_site_spip_forum' => ' is the place to exchange between SPIP users and get help. This site, translated in 10 languages, has four main sections: installation and update, private area usage, website administration, management and configuration, templates creation.', # MODIF
19        'descriptif_site_spip_herbier' => 'SPIP herbarium is not just a link directory. No. It’s a memory album of websites made with SPIP, at one moment of their existence. It tells a web story , the one of SPIP, since 2001. This herbarium gathers websites we wanted to show, because their content was interresting and their design were too, fonctions skilfully implemented, or just nice designs. Websites we remember, where we came back, which were some kind of references to their time in one way or another.',
20        'descriptif_site_spip_info' => 'In a few pages, answers to whom is wondering about SPIP ability to fulfil his specific website objectives. Individuals, NGOs and companies will find useful information to make their own choice.',
21        'descriptif_site_spip_irc' => 'SPIP community never sleeps! A SPIP IRC channel opened 24/7 to everyone:',
22        'descriptif_site_spip_mag' => 'SPIP Mag’ website description',
23        'descriptif_site_spip_net' => ' is the official website for users and webmasters willing to install a SPIP website, to understand SPIP language (loops, markers and filters), to write and use SPIP templates. Glossary, tutorials, advices and a downloading area of SPIP old versions are available. is translated in more than 20 languages.',
24        'descriptif_site_spip_party' => 'To spend some time on coding SPIP: it’s nice. To meet users and developers in real life, with cakes and fruit juice  (or any other beverage...): it’s better! provides information about past meetings (minutes, photos) and coming events (date, agenda).',
25        'descriptif_site_spip_plugin' => ' is a complete directory of add-ons SPIP (plugins, skeletons, themes). For each add-on are indicated: description, author, licence, compatibility per SPIP version, last updates, status of translations, statistics, documentation and download links.',
26        'descriptif_site_spip_programmer' => ' is for developpers or webmasters who have knowledge in PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. shows most of the functions (APIs, overloads, pipelines,...) of SPIP with numerous coding exemples. You can download the entire website in pdf format under free licence cc-by-sa. is available in French, English and Spanish.', # MODIF
27        'descriptif_site_spip_sedna' => ' is the RSS feeder on news about the SPIP Galaxy. Last informations from more than 70 websites about SPIP can be consulted.', # RELIRE
28        'descriptif_site_spip_test' => 'On GRML.EU, install easily your own SPIP website (last development version). With mutualisationability of SPIP: only one installation of SPIP "core" for numerous websites, you are "home", on "your" website, with "your" configuration. Very convenient for SPIP trainings.',
29        'descriptif_site_spip_trad' => 'The translator space welcome those who want to help the SPIP user community by participating to translation work of SPIP itself and its miscellaneous contributions',
30        'descriptif_site_spip_twit' => 'SPIP.ORG allows to users to publish short messages on the web (140 character maximum) to public or friends. he publishing can be done on the website, RSS feed or instant messaging programmes.',
31        'descriptif_site_spip_user' => ' is a helping list of SPIP users. The archives of this list can be consulted on or, even on the blog',
32        'descriptif_site_spip_video' => 'Video website description',
33        'descriptif_site_spip_zine' => 'SPIPZine website description',
34        'descriptif_site_spip_zone' => 'Development area ruled by a chart, give access to all contributions versioning (plugins, skeletons, themes, models, tools,...).',
36        // N
37        'nom_boussole_spip' => 'SPIP Galaxy',
38        'nom_groupe_spip_actualite' => 'News',
39        'nom_groupe_spip_aide' => 'Support',
40        'nom_groupe_spip_decouverte' => 'Discovery',
41        'nom_groupe_spip_extension' => 'Contributions',
42        'nom_groupe_spip_reference' => 'Documentation',
43        'nom_site_spip_blog' => 'SPIP Blog',
44        'nom_site_spip_contrib' => 'SPIP-Contrib',
45        'nom_site_spip_core' => 'SPIP Core',
46        'nom_site_spip_demo' => 'SPIP Demo',
47        'nom_site_spip_doc' => 'SPIP Code',
48        'nom_site_spip_edgard' => 'Edgard',
49        'nom_site_spip_forum' => 'SPIP Forums',
50        'nom_site_spip_herbier' => 'SPIP Herbarium',
51        'nom_site_spip_info' => 'SPIP info',
52        'nom_site_spip_irc' => 'SPIP IRC',
53        'nom_site_spip_mag' => 'SPIP Mag’',
54        'nom_site_spip_net' => '',
55        'nom_site_spip_party' => 'SPIP Party',
56        'nom_site_spip_plugin' => 'SPIP Plugins',
57        'nom_site_spip_programmer' => 'Programming with SPIP',
58        'nom_site_spip_sedna' => 'Sedna',
59        'nom_site_spip_test' => 'SPIP Test',
60        'nom_site_spip_trad' => 'Translate SPIP',
61        'nom_site_spip_twit' => '',
62        'nom_site_spip_user' => 'SPIP User',
63        'nom_site_spip_video' => 'SPIP Media',
64        'nom_site_spip_zine' => 'SPIPZine',
65        'nom_site_spip_zone' => 'SPIP Zone',
67        // S
68        'slogan_boussole_spip' => 'Lost in SPIP Galaxy?',
69        'slogan_groupe_spip_actualite' => '     SPIP News',
70        'slogan_groupe_spip_aide' => 'SPIP help and exchange',
71        'slogan_groupe_spip_decouverte' => '    SPIP discovery',
72        'slogan_groupe_spip_extension' => '     SPIP add-ons and contributions',
73        'slogan_groupe_spip_reference' => ' SPIP reference documentation',
74        'slogan_site_spip_blog' => 'Free software and tenderness',
75        'slogan_site_spip_contrib' => 'SPIP contribution area',
76        'slogan_site_spip_core' => 'SPIP versions development area ',
77        'slogan_site_spip_demo' => 'Test the last SPIP stable version',
78        'slogan_site_spip_doc' => 'Technical coding reference of SPIP',
79        'slogan_site_spip_edgard' => 'Let it bot!',
80        'slogan_site_spip_forum' => 'SPIP users forum',
81        'slogan_site_spip_herbier' => 'A selection of amazing SPIP websites',
82        'slogan_site_spip_info' => 'Discover SPIP and its community',
83        'slogan_site_spip_irc' => 'Welcome to the SPIP chat room',
84        'slogan_site_spip_mag' => 'SPIP news sheet',
85        'slogan_site_spip_net' => 'Official SPIP documentation and download ',
86        'slogan_site_spip_party' => 'Agenda of the SPIP meetings',
87        'slogan_site_spip_plugin' => 'SPIP Plugins Directory',
88        'slogan_site_spip_programmer' => 'SPIP developers documentation',
89        'slogan_site_spip_sedna' => 'SPIP Galaxy RSS feeds',
90        'slogan_site_spip_test' => 'Test the set up and the implementation of a SPIP site',
91        'slogan_site_spip_trad' => 'Translators area for SPIP and its contributions',
92        'slogan_site_spip_twit' => 'SPIP Community blog',
93        'slogan_site_spip_user' => 'Mutual aid list of the SPIP users',
94        'slogan_site_spip_video' => 'SPIP media library',
95        'slogan_site_spip_zine' => 'Webzine about SPIP',
96        'slogan_site_spip_zone' => 'Area dedicated to SPIP contribution developement'
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