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2// This is a SPIP language file  --  Ceci est un fichier langue de SPIP
3// extrait automatiquement de
4// ** ne pas modifier le fichier **
6if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) {
7        return;
10$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
12        // F
13        'fulltext_description' => 'This plugin allows on one hand to use the FULLTEXT search mode  of MySQL and thereby greatly improve the search engine compared to the native search engine of SPIP, and on the other hand to index the contents of some documents.
14_ For an optimum use, you need to install additional programs on the server and setting up  their use in <code>mes_options.php</code> or via the plugin control panel.
15_ See the plugin documentation for more details.',
16        'fulltext_slogan' => 'FULLTEXT indexation to speed up searches'
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