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Modification de "var DRAGGABLES_SEL = '.entry-title>a';" compatible avec la version SPIP 1.9.3 dev [10506]

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1//CSS style selector to match the draggables
2var DRAGGABLES_SEL = '.entry-title>a';
3//CSS style selector to match the element you want to append the drop box to
4var MEMOBOX_CONTAINER = "#navigation";
5var MEMOBOX_ITEM = '<li> <a href="#" class="memobox_delete" title="<:memobox:anchor_delete_title:>"><span><:memobox:anchor_delete_text:></span></a></li>';
6var MEMOBOX_LINK = '<a class="memobox_link" href="#" title="<:memobox:anchor_add_title:>"><:memobox:anchor_add_text:></a>';
7var MEMOBOX_MODE = 'link'; //can be link or drag
8var heading_text = MEMOBOX_MODE=="link"?"<:memobox:link:>":"<:memobox:drag_drop:>";
9var MEMOBOX_HEADER = '<p id="memobox_heading">'+heading_text+'</p>';
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