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2// This is a SPIP language file  --  Ceci est un fichier langue de SPIP
3// extrait automatiquement de
4// ** ne pas modifier le fichier **
6if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) {
7        return;
10$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
12        // C
13        'cf_navigation' => 'See [column navigation->@url@]',
14        'cfg_comment_appid' => 'Identifier of an application specific to your website; requires that you create the application before.',
15        'cfg_comment_border_color' => 'Enter a hexadecimal color code WITH the initial sharp.',
16        'cfg_comment_colorscheme' => 'Select here the predetermined profile by modules that will be used for display.',
17        'cfg_comment_font' => 'Here you can select the font to be used to display modules.',
18        'cfg_comment_identifiants' => '{{Use the fields below to specify different identifiers you want to use.}} They are not mandatory, but can help us to track precisely statistics offered by Facebook.',
19        'cfg_comment_pageid' => 'Identifier for a facebook page, it requires you have created the page.',
20        'cfg_comment_reglages' => '{{Here you can choose some settings of the Facebook javascript tools.}} By default, the models use the language XFBML ({SDK Facebook JavaScript}) but you can disable this feature, the tools will be loaded into frames.',
21        'cfg_comment_url_page' => 'Full URL of your page or Facebook profile; it will be used by default by the models (URL like "<code></ code>").',
22        'cfg_comment_userid' => 'User(s) Identifier(s) for the plugins administrators. You can specify multiple ones separated by a comma. ',
23        'cfg_comment_xfbml' => 'Use the Facebook SDK javascript library and associated language. If you choose "No", the modules will be displayed in iframe.',
24        'cfg_descr' => 'Here you need to define the different identifiers provided by the Facebook system.<br /><br />More: [->].
26To include the tags "Open Graph" in the header of your public pages, you must include the model "insert_head_og" by passing the environment <code>#MODELE{insert_head_og}{env}</code>.
27<br /><br />More: [->].',
28        'cfg_descr_titre' => 'Facebook models',
29        'cfg_identifiants' => 'Facebook logins',
30        'cfg_label_appid' => 'Identifier "App ID" application ',
31        'cfg_label_border_color' => 'Default border color',
32        'cfg_label_colorscheme' => 'Color profile',
33        'cfg_label_font' => 'Default font',
34        'cfg_label_pageid' => 'Login "Page ID" page',
35        'cfg_label_titre' => 'Configuration Facebook models',
36        'cfg_label_url_page' => 'Page URL or profile',
37        'cfg_label_userid' => 'Identifier "User ID" user',
38        'cfg_label_xfbml' => 'XFBML use',
39        'cfg_reglages' => 'Default settings',
41        // D
42        'defaut' => 'Default',
43        'doc_chapo' => 'the plugin Models Facebook for SPIP 2.0 ({and more}) proposes a set of models, or hazelnuts, allowing quick and easy use of social plugins provided by Facebook.',
44        'doc_en_ligne' => 'Documentation',
45        'doc_titre_court' => 'Facebook models documentation',
46        'doc_titre_page' => 'Documentation page of the Facebook Models plugin',
47        'documentation' => '{{{Plugin use}}}
49As shown above, the models are directly included with the desired options.
51Each model has a list of options, some of which are mandatory for its display. For a complete list, refer to the information in the header models files in directory "<code>modeles/</code>" of the plugin.
53The plugin also provides an {{Open Graph}} model generating information, the meta information used by Facebook, specific to each SPIP object. To use it, you must manually add "{{insert_head_og}}" in the header of your skeletons.
55{{Warning -}} This model needs to receive the current environment, you must include the following in each of the page skeletons  ({"article.html", "rubrique.html" ...}) and not in the global header inclusion ({"inc_head.html"}):
56<cadre class=\'spip\'>
60        // E
61        'exemple' => '{{{Exemple}}}
63Different blocks below show you an example of each model with dummy values​​. Refer to the corresponding model for options.',
65        // F
66        'fb_modeles' => 'Facebook models',
68        // I
69        'info_doc' => 'If you are having problems viewing this page [click here->@link@].',
70        'info_doc_titre' => 'Note on the display of this page',
71        'info_skel_contrib' => 'Complete documentation online on contrib.spip: [->].', # MODIF
72        'info_skel_doc' => 'This manual page is designed as a skeleton SPIP operating with the standard distribution ({files from the "squelettes-dist/"}). If you are unable to view the page, or if your site uses its own skeletons, the links below can manage its display:
74-* [Mode "plain text"->@mode_brut@] ({simple html + tag INSERT_HEAD})
75-* [Mode "skeleton Zpip"->@mode_zpip@] ({compatible Z skeleton})
76-* [Mode "skeleton SPIP"->@mode_spip@] ({compatible distribution})',
78        // J
79        'javascript_inactif' => 'Javascript is disabled in your browser. Some features of this tool will be inactive ...',
81        // L
82        'licence' => 'Plugin for SPIP 2.0+ : {{"Facebook Models" - copyright © 2009 [Piero Wbmstr->] under licence [GPL->] }}.',
84        // N
85        'new_window' => 'New window',
86        'non' => 'No',
88        // O
89        'oui' => 'Yes',
91        // P
92        'page_test' => 'Test page (local)',
93        'page_test_in_new_window' => 'Test page in new window',
94        'personnalisation' => '{{{Customization}}}
96Each model presents its content in a block such as <code>div</ code> with CSS classes <code>fb_modeles fb_XXX</ code> where {{XXX}} is the name of the model. This allows customization of styles for all models and for each of them.
99Eg for Facebook "Send" module:
100<cadre class="spip">
101<div class="fb_modeles fb_send">
102     ... content ...
106        // S
107        'sep' => '----',
109        // T
110        'titre_original' => 'Facebook Models, plugin for SPIP 2.0+'
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