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2# pgn4spip bash live.pgn simulator for Test09 and Test10
3# bash script to create a pgn file over time simulating a live game broadcast
4# $1 the current folder of the .sh script for bash shell
5# @license GNU General Public License version 3
7# Example in Windows Command Prompt:
8# Test\MacroRunSimu.bat
9# To run the (s)imulation, enter the new doskey macro: s
10# Then validate it by enter. The following will be displayed:
12# Generating PGN file live.pgn simulating live game broadcast
13#  step 0 of 34
14#  step 1 of 34
15#  ...
16# This script could be interrupted at any time by Ctrl+C in the Command Prompt window.
17# CAUTION: this file has been edited in Notepad++ for the menu "Edit" > "EOL Conversion" > "Unix format"
18# Do not use the standard Notepad in Window accessories because you could lose the Unix EOL.
20cd $1
21cd pgn4web/live/
22rm --force live.pgn     # Remove live.pgn because it will be created again
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