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    r104260 r104282  
    4 Intégration pour spip du script lazysize pour spip.
     4Intégration pour spip du script lazysize.
    66Outil / lib de lazyloading extensible via un système de plugin/addons.
    8 Permet de déférer le téléchargement de ressources de manière a ce que l'utilisateur
    9 ne charge que ce qui est visible dans la fenetre de navigation.
     8Permet notamment de déférer le téléchargement de ressources (images, iframes, vidéos, ..) de manière a ce que l'utilisateur
     9ne charge que ce qui est visible dans la fenetre de navigation, ou quand on souhaite sur un autre évenement via un sytème de hooks.
    1113## Addons :
     15### respimg polyfill plugin
     17Polyfill alternatif léger pour les images responsives (picture et image src-set).
     19### OPTIMUMX plugin
     21The srcset attribute with the w descriptor and sizes attribute
     22automatically also includes high DPI images.
     23But each image has a different optimal pixel density,
     24which might be lower (for example 1.5x) than the pixel density
     25of your device (2x or 3x).
     26This information is unknown to the browser and
     27therefore can't be optimized for. The lazySizes optimumx extension gives you more control to trade between perceived quality vs. perceived performance.
     29### object-fit extension
     31The object fit plugin polyfills the object-fit and the object-position property in non supporting browsers.
     33### unveilhooks plugin
     35The unveilhooks plugin plugin enables lazySizes to lazyload background images, widgets/components/scripts, styles and video/audio elements.
     37### include plugin
     39The include plugin plugin enables lazySizes to lazyload content, styles or AMD modules either simply postponed or conditionally (for example matching certain media queries). This extension also heavily simplifies the architecture of conditional, dynamically changing responsive behavior and has great scalability.
     41### bgset plugin - lazy responsive background-image
     43The bgset plugin allows lazyloading of multiple background images with different resolutions/sizes and/or media queries (responsive background images). In case you only need one image use the unveilhooks extension.
     45### lazysizes custommedia extension
     47lazySizes custommedia extension allows you to automatically sync and manage your breakpoints between your CSS and the media attributes of your "picture > source" elements using the customMedia option of lazySizes.
     49### attrchange / re-initialization extension
     51In case you are changing the data-src/data-srcset attributes
     52of already transformed lazyload elements, you must normally also re-add the lazyload class to the element.
     54This attrchange / re-initialization extension automatically
     55detects changes to your data-* attributes and adds the class for you.
     57### parent-fit extension
     59The parent fit plugin extends the data-sizes="auto" feature to also calculate the right sizes for object-fit: contain|cover image elements and other height ( and width) constrained image elements in general.
     61### unload extension
     63The unload extends lazysizes to unload not in view images to improve memory
     64consumption and orientationchange/resize performance.
     66### noscript extension
     68The noscript extension is the ultimate progressive enhancement
     69extension for lazySizes. It allows you to transform any HTML
     70inside a noscript element as soon as it becomes visible.
     72### aspectratio extension
     74The aspectratio extension allows you to control the aspectratio
     75of your images using markup instead of CSS. It is an alternative
     76for the CSS intrinsic ratio technique.
     78### print plugin
     80The print plugin plugin enables lazySizes to unveil all elements
     81as soon as the user starts to print.
     82(Or set lazySizesConfig.preloadAfterLoad to true).
     84### progressive plugin
     86The progressive plugin adds better support for rendering progressive jpgs/pngs.
     88### RIaS plugin - (Responsive Images as a Service / Responsive image on demand)
     90The RIaS plugin is a neat full responsive images solution
     91without the need of any additional plugins/polyfills.
     93It enables lazySizes to generate the best suitable
     94image source based on an URL pattern.
     95It works with pre-build images (i.e. grunt-responsive-images)
     96as also with any third party (ReSrc, Pixtulate, mobify, WURFL's Image Tailor ...)
     97or self hosted restful responsive image service (responsive image on demand).
     98It makes responsive images even more easier without any need for another third party script.
    21106## @todo
    23109- [X] Inclure les plugins lazysize depuis un panneau de config ou un define
    24110puis les charger dans insert_head
    25111- [X] config export ie_config()
     112- [] traduire la doc
    26113- [] Ajouter via define ou config les options de configuration
    27114- [] surcharger les modèles media, interressant a "lazyloader"
  • _plugins_/lazysizes/trunk/paquet.xml

    r104260 r104282  
    22        prefix="lazysizes"
    33        categorie="outil"
    4         version="0.0.1"
     4        version="0.0.2"
    55        etat="dev"
    66        compatibilite="[3.0.0;3.1.*]"
    2222        <utilise nom="medias" compatibilite="[2.10.38;]" />
    24         <!--<menu nom="souscriptions" titre="lazysizes:menu_configurer_lazysizes" parent="menu_configuration" icone="images/lazysizes-16.png" action="configurer_lazysizes" />-->
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