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  • _plugins_/formidable/trunk/lang/formidable.xml

    r115827 r117711  
    77                <traducteur nom="klaus++" lien="" />
    88        </langue>
    9         <langue code="en" url="" total="272" traduits="242" relire="0" modifs="8" nouveaux="22" pourcent="88.97">
     9        <langue code="en" url="" total="272" traduits="261" relire="0" modifs="0" nouveaux="11" pourcent="95.96">
    1010                <traducteur nom="Benitron" lien="" />
    1111                <traducteur nom="George" lien="جورج-قندلفت" />
  • _plugins_/formidable/trunk/lang/formidable_en.php

    r113594 r117711  
    1212        // A
    1313        'activer_pages_explication' => 'By default, public pages of the forms are not allowed',
    14         'activer_pages_label' => 'Allow creation of public pages for the forms.', # MODIF
     14        'activer_pages_label' => 'Activate creation of public pages for the forms.',
    1515        'admin_reponses_auteur' => 'Allow forms author to modify the answers',
    1616        'admin_reponses_auteur_explication' => 'Only administrators can normally modify the answers filled in a form (to the bin, published, proposed to evaluation). This option allows the author of a form to modify the status (with the risk to alterate potentiall statistics)
    22         'analyse_exclure_champs_label' => 'Fields to exclude', # MODIF
     22        'analyse_exclure_champs_label' => 'Fields to be excluded from the analysis',
    2323        'analyse_exporter' => 'Export analysis',
    2424        'analyse_longueur_moyenne' => 'Average number in words length',
    6363        'editer_descriptif' => 'Description',
    6464        'editer_descriptif_explication' => 'An explanation of the form for the private area.',
     65        'editer_globales_etapes_activer_explication' => 'When this option is active, each group of first-level fields is transformed into a form step',
     66        'editer_globales_etapes_activer_label_case' => 'Activate multi-step management',
     67        'editer_globales_texte_submit_label' => 'Text of the validation button',
    6568        'editer_identifiant' => 'Login',
    6669        'editer_identifiant_explication' => 'Give a single textual identifier that allows you to call the form more easily. The identifier can only contain digits, Latin letters not accented and the character "_"',
    7881        'editer_redirige_url_explication' => 'Leave blank if you want to stay on the same page',
    7982        'editer_titre' => 'Title',
    80         'editer_unicite_explication' => 'Save the form only if a field is unique', # MODIF
     83        'editer_unicite_explication' => 'Save the form only if the value of a specific field is unique among all the saved responses.',
    8184        'editer_unicite_label' => 'Verify that this field is unique',
    8285        'erreur_autorisation' => 'You do not have the right to edit the website forms',
    102105        'exporter_formulaire_date_fin_label' => 'Until (included)',
    103106        'exporter_formulaire_format_label' => 'File format',
     107        'exporter_formulaire_ignorer_fichiers_label' => 'Do not attach files',
    104108        'exporter_formulaire_statut_label' => 'Answers',
    124128        // I
    125129        'id_formulaires_reponse' => 'Answer identifier',
    126         'identification_par_cookie' => 'By cookie', # MODIF
     130        'identification_par_cookie' => 'By cookie (random identifier, does not store any personal information) ',
    127131        'identification_par_id_auteur' => 'By login (id_auteur) of the authenticated person',
    128132        'importer_formulaire' => 'Import a form',
    254258        'traiter_email_option_exclure_champs_email_explication' => 'If you do not want certain fields to appear in sent emails (for example hidden fields), just define them here, separated by a comma.',
    255259        'traiter_email_option_exclure_champs_email_label' => 'Fields to exclude from the message content',
     260        'traiter_email_option_masquer_champs_vide_label_case' => 'Hide empty fields',
    256261        'traiter_email_option_masquer_liens_label_case' => 'Hide administration links in the email.',
     262        'traiter_email_option_masquer_valeurs_accuse_label_case' => 'Do not send the response values in the acknowledgement of receipt',
    257263        'traiter_email_option_nom_envoyeur_accuse_explication' => 'Specify the name of the sender used to send the acknowledgment. If you do not put anything, it will be the name of the site.',
    258264        'traiter_email_option_nom_envoyeur_accuse_label' => 'Name of the sender of the acknowledgment',
    264270        'traiter_email_option_sujet_valeurs_brutes_label' => 'Raw values',
    265271        'traiter_email_option_sujet_valeurs_brutes_label_case' => 'The email is for a robot and not for a human. In the subject of the message, put the raw values (understandable by robots) fields and not the interpreted values (comprehensible by humans).',
    266         'traiter_email_option_vrai_envoyeur_explication' => 'Some SMTP servers do not allow to use arbitrary email for the "From" field. For this reason Formidable inserts the default email sender in the "Reply-To". Tick here to insert the email in the "From" field.', # MODIF
     272        'traiter_email_option_texte_accuse_label' => 'Text of the acknowledgement of receipt',
     273        'traiter_email_option_vrai_envoyeur_explication' => 'Some SMTP servers do not allow to use arbitrary email for the "From" field. For this reason Formidable inserts by default the sender’s email in the "Reply-To" field, and uses the webmaster’s email in the "From" field. Check here to insert the email in the "From" field. ',
    267274        'traiter_email_option_vrai_envoyeur_label' => 'Insert email of the sender in the "From" field',
    268275        'traiter_email_page' => '<a href="@url@">From this page</a>.',
    274281        'traiter_email_url_enregistrement_precis' => 'You can see this answer <a href="@url@"> on this page</a>.',
    275282        'traiter_enregistrement_description' => 'Save the form results in the database',
     283        'traiter_enregistrement_divers' => 'Miscellaneous',
     284        'traiter_enregistrement_donnees_personelles' => 'Personal data',
    276285        'traiter_enregistrement_erreur_base' => 'An error occurred while writing to the database',
    277286        'traiter_enregistrement_erreur_deja_repondu' => 'You have already filled in this form.',
    278287        'traiter_enregistrement_erreur_edition_reponse_inexistante' => 'The answer to edit can not be found.',
     288        'traiter_enregistrement_identification_reponses' => 'Identification of responses',
    279289        'traiter_enregistrement_message_ok' => 'Thanks. Your answers have been correctly saved.',
    280         'traiter_enregistrement_option_anonymiser_label' => 'Anonymize form', # MODIF
     290        'traiter_enregistrement_option_anonymiser_label' => 'Do not keep the ID of the connected person.',
    281291        'traiter_enregistrement_option_auteur' => 'Link authors to the forms',
    282292        'traiter_enregistrement_option_auteur_explication' => 'Bind one or more authors to a form. If activated, this option prevents anyone except the author(s) to access form’s configuration or results.',
    283293        'traiter_enregistrement_option_effacement_delai_label' => 'Number of days before deletion',
    284294        'traiter_enregistrement_option_effacement_label' => 'Regularly clear  the oldest results',
    285         'traiter_enregistrement_option_identification_explication' => 'If the answers can be changed, which method is used first to know the answer to modify ?', # MODIF
    286         'traiter_enregistrement_option_identification_label' => 'Identification', # MODIF
     295        'traiter_enregistrement_option_identification_explication' => 'Which process should be used first to find out the answer previously provided by the user? ',
     296        'traiter_enregistrement_option_identification_label' => 'Identification method ',
     297        'traiter_enregistrement_option_identification_variable_php_label' => 'PHP variable',
    287298        'traiter_enregistrement_option_invalider_explication' => 'If the responses to this form are used publicly, you can refresh the cache when a new answer is sent.',
    288299        'traiter_enregistrement_option_invalider_label' => 'Refresh the cache',
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