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    r35676 r39750  
    1414        // D
    15         'donnees_incorrectes' => '<h4>Incorrect data. Please try
    16 again or use the manual installation procedure instead.</h4>
    17   <p>Error : @erreur@</p>', # NEW
     15        'donnees_incorrectes' => '<NEW><h4>Nespr&aacute;vne &uacute;daje. Pros&iacute;m, sk&uacute;ste
     16znova alebo namiesto toho vykonajte manu&aacute;lnu in&#353;tal&aacute;ciu.</h4>
     17  <p>Chyba: @erreur@</p>',
    1818        'du_repertoire' => 'adres&aacute;r',
    2020        // E
    21         'echec_chargement' => '<h4>The download has failed. Please
    22 try again or use the manual installation procedure instead.</h4>', # NEW
     21        'echec_chargement' => '<NEW><h4>S&#357;ahovanie zlyhalo. Pros&iacute;m,
     22sk&uacute;ste znova alebo namiesto toho sk&uacute;ste vykonajte manu&aacute;lnu in&#353;tal&aacute;ciu.</h4>',
    2424        // T
    25         'texte_intro' => '<p><b>Welcome to the automatic
    26 installation process of @paquet@.</b> <p>First, the programme will check the
    27 permissions on the current directory and then it will begin to download the
    28 @paquet@ files to @dest@. <p>Please click on the button to continue.', # NEW
    29         'texte_preliminaire' => '<br /><h2>Preliminary step: <b>Set the access permissions</b></h2>
    30  <p><b>It is not possible to write to the
    31 current directory.</b></p>
    32  <p>To change the permissions of the directory in
    33 which you are installing @paquet@ use your FTP client.<br /> The procedure is explained in detail in the Installation Guide. Choose between:</p>
     25        'texte_intro' => '<NEW><p><b>Vitajte pri automatickom
     26procese in&#353;tal&aacute;cie @paquet@.</b> <p>Najprv program skontroluje
     27povolenia na teraj&#353;om prie&#269;inku a potom za&#269;ne s&#357;ahova&#357;
     28s&uacute;bory zo @paquet@ do @dest@. <p>Pros&iacute;m, kliknite na tla&#269;idlo, aby ste mohli pokra&#269;ova&#357;.',
     29        'texte_preliminaire' => '<MODIF><br /><h2>Predpr&iacute;pravn&yacute; krok: <b>Nastavenie pr&iacute;stupov&yacute;ch povolen&iacute;</b></h2>
     30 <p><b>Do aktu&aacute;lneho prie&#269;inka sa
     31ned&aacute; zapisova&#357;.</b></p>
     32 <p>Na zmenu povolen&iacute; prie&#269;inka,
     33v ktorom in&#353;talujete @paquet@, pou&#382;ite svojho FTP klienta.<br /> Postup je podrobne pop&iacute;san&yacute; v in&#353;tala&#269;nej pr&iacute;ru&#269;ke. Vyberte si medzi:</p>
    3434 <ul>
    35  <li><b>If you have an FTP client with a graphical interface</b>, set the permissions
    36 of the directory to make it open for everyone to write to it.</li>
    37  <li><b>If you have an FTP client with a text interface</b>, change the permissions of the directory to the value @chmod@.</li>
    38  <li><b>If you are using a Telnet access</b>,
    39 execute the command <i>chmod&nbsp;@chmod@&nbsp; current_directory</i>.</li>
     35 <li><b>Ak m&aacute;te FTP klienta s grafick&yacute;m rozhran&iacute;m</b>, nastavte povolenia
     36prie&#269;inka, aby sa otvoril pre ka&#382;d&eacute;ho, kto chce do&#328;ho zapisova&#357;.</li>
     37 <li><b>Ak m&aacute;te FTP klienta s textov&yacute;m rozhran&iacute;m</b>, zme&#328;te povolenia prie&#269;inka na hodnotu @chmod@.</li>
     38 <li><b>Ak vyu&#382;&iacute;vate pr&iacute;stup cez Telnet</b>,
     39vykonajte pr&iacute;kaz <i>chmod&nbsp;@chmod@&nbsp; current_directory</i>.</li>
    4040 </ul>
    41 <p>Once this has been done, please <b><a href=\'spip_loader.php?charger=oui\'>reload this page</a></b>
    42  to start to download and install SPIP.</p>
    43  <p>If you continue to receive this error notification, you will need to use the manualinstallation method
    44  (downloading the SPIP files by FTP) instead.</p>', # MODIF
     41<p>Ke&#271; to urob&iacute;te, pros&iacute;m <b><a href=\'spip_loader.php?charger=oui\'>znova na&#269;&iacute;tajte t&uacute;to str&aacute;nku</a></b>
     42 aby ste mohli za&#269;a&#357; so s&#357;ahovan&iacute;m a in&#353;tal&aacute;ciou SPIPu.</p>
     43 <p>Ak st&aacute;le dost&aacute;vate toto hl&aacute;senie o chybe, in&#353;tal&aacute;ciu budete musie&#357; vykona&#357; manu&aacute;lnou met&oacute;dou
     44 (stiahnu&#357; s&uacute;bory SPIPu cez FTP).</p>',
    4545        'titre' => 'Stiahni @paquet@'
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