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  • _plugins_/spip_piwik/spip_piwik_2_0/lang/piwik_en.php

    r42849 r43762  
    1010        // A
    1111        'action_creer_site' => 'Create the site',
    12         'action_recuperer_liste' => 'Récupérer la liste des sites', # NEW
     12        'action_recuperer_liste' => 'Retrieve the list of sites',
    1414        // C
    1616        'cfg_erreur_recuperation_data' => 'There was a server communication problem - please check the address and token',
    1717        'cfg_erreur_token' => 'Your identification token is invalid',
    18         'cfg_erreur_user_token' => 'La correspondance Nom d\'utilisateur / Token n\'est pas correcte.', # NEW
     18        'cfg_erreur_user_token' => 'The username and token do not match each other.',
    2020        // E
    2424        'explication_identifiant_site' => 'The list of sites available on the Piwik server has been automatically retrieved using the submitted details. Select the one you wish to use from the list below',
    2525        'explication_mode_insertion' => 'There are two methods for inserting the code pages required to make the plugin work correctly: either with the "insert_head" pipeline (an automatic method with only minor configurations possible), or by inserting a tag (a manual method of including the #PIWIK tag at the bottom of your pages), which is fully configurable.',
    26         'explication_recuperer_liste' => 'Le lien ci-dessous vous permet de récupérer la liste des sites que votre compte peut administrer sur le serveur Piwik.', # NEW
     26        'explication_recuperer_liste' => 'The link below is used to retrieve the lists of sites that your account can manage on the Piwik server.',
    2727        'explication_restreindre_statut_prive' => 'Select the user statuses which will not be taken into account in the private zone statistics',
    2828        'explication_restreindre_statut_public' => 'Select the user statuses which will not be taken into account in the public zone statistics',
    3131        // I
    32         'info_aucun_site_compte' => 'Aucun site n\'est associé à votre compte Piwik.', # NEW
    33         'info_aucun_site_compte_demander_admin' => 'Vous devez demander à un administrateur de votre serveur Piwik d\'ajouter un site correspondant.', # NEW
     32        'info_aucun_site_compte' => 'There are no sites associated with your Piwik account.',
     33        'info_aucun_site_compte_demander_admin' => 'You need to ask an administrator of your Piwik server to add a matching site.',
    3535        // L
    4040        'label_identifiant_site' => 'The identifier of your site on the Piwik server',
    4141        'label_mode_insertion' => 'Insert mode for the public pages',
    42         'label_piwik_user' => 'Compte utilisateur Piwik', # NEW
    43         'label_recuperer_liste' => 'Récupérer la liste des sites sur le serveur Piwik', # NEW
     42        'label_piwik_user' => 'Piwik user account',
     43        'label_recuperer_liste' => 'Retrieve the list of sites on the Piwik server',
    4444        'label_restreindre_auteurs_prive' => 'Restrict certain logged in users (private)',
    4545        'label_restreindre_auteurs_public' => 'Restrict certain logged in users (public)',
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