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    r62213 r62795  
    2424        'description_menu_page_speciale_zajax' => 'Add a link to a block in a page accessible by a URL of the type <code>spip.php?page=name&param1=xx&param2=yyy...</code> This requires a Z type template and the <a href="">médiabox</a> plugin.',
    2525        'description_menu_rubriques_articles' => 'Display a list of sections, optionally including sub-sections and articles nested to several levels. By default, all sections will be displayed starting from the site root and sorted by title (numerically then alphabetically).Articles in a given section will always be listed after any sub-sections.',
    26         'description_menu_rubriques_completes' => 'Affiche une liste de rubriques et, si on veut, les sous-rubriques sur plusieurs niveaux. Par défaut, affiche toutes les rubriques depuis la racine, triées par titre (numériquement puis alphabétiquement).', # NEW
     26        'description_menu_rubriques_completes' => 'Displays a list of topics and, if you want, sub-sections on many levels. By default, displays all entries from the root, sorted by title (alphabetically and numerically).',
    2727        'description_menu_secteurlangue' => 'This entry can be used by sites which have one language per sector. It displays a menu which lists the sections of the sector corresponding to the language of the page, and if desired the subsections to several levels. By default, all sections are shown from the site root, sorted by title (numerically then alphabetically).',
    2828        'description_menu_texte_libre' => 'Just the text that you would like, or a SPIP language code (<:...:>)',
    5454        'entree_id_secteur_exclus' => 'Numbers of the sectors to be excluded, separated by commas',
    5555        'entree_infini' => 'To infinity',
     56        'entree_lien_connecte' => 'Lien à afficher une fois connecté : laisser vide pour afficher un lien vers l\'espace privé, mettre "rien" pour ne rien afficher, mettre "deconnecter" pour afficher un lien de deconnexion', # NEW
    5657        'entree_mapage' => 'My page',
    5758        'entree_masquer_articles_uniques' => 'If so and if a section contains a only one article, hide it? (put "oui" for this)',
    162163        'nom_menu_page_speciale' => 'Link to a page template',
    163164        'nom_menu_page_speciale_zajax' => 'A block in a Zpip page',
    164         'nom_menu_rubriques_completes' => 'Liste ou arborescence de rubriques et d\'articles (avec beaucoup d\'options)', # NEW
     165        'nom_menu_rubriques_completes' => 'List or tree of sections and articles (with many options)',
    165166        'nom_menu_rubriques_evenements' => 'Section-related events',
    166167        'nom_menu_secteurlangue' => 'Language sectors',
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