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[Salvatore] formidable Export depuis de la langue en

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  • _plugins_/formidable/trunk/lang/formidable.xml

    r89377 r90026  
    44                <traducteur nom="klaus++" lien="" />
    55        </langue>
    6         <langue code="en" url="" total="189" traduits="177" relire="0" modifs="0" nouveaux="12" pourcent="93.65">
     6        <langue code="en" url="" total="189" traduits="189" relire="0" modifs="0" nouveaux="0" pourcent="100.00">
    77                <traducteur nom="Benitron" lien="" />
    88                <traducteur nom="jack31" lien="" />
  • _plugins_/formidable/trunk/lang/formidable_en.php

    r89377 r90026  
    2626        'analyse_zero_reponse_total' => 'No one responded to this form.',
    2727        'aucun_traitement' => 'No treatment',
     28        'autoriser_admin_restreint' => 'Allow restricted administrators to create and modify forms',
     29        'autoriser_admin_restreint_explication' => 'By default, only administrators have access to the creation and modification of forms',
    2931        // B
    6668        'editer_redirige_url' => 'Forwarding address after validation',
    6769        'editer_redirige_url_explication' => 'Leave blank if you want to stay on the same page',
     70        'editer_resume_reponse' => 'Display summary of the response',
     71        'editer_resume_reponse_explication' => '
     72This string is used to display a summary of each reply in the lists. Fields such as <tt>@input_1@</tt> will be replaced as indicated by the following reminder',
    6873        'editer_titre' => 'Title',
    6974        'erreur_autorisation' => 'You do not have the right to edit the website forms',
    7176        'erreur_generique' => 'There are errors in the fields below. Please check.',
    7277        'erreur_identifiant' => 'This login is already used.',
     78        'erreur_identifiant_format' => 'The ID can only contain numbers, letters and "_" character',
    7379        'erreur_importer_forms' => 'Error while importing the Forms&Tables form',
    7480        'erreur_importer_wcs' => 'Error while importing the W.C.S form',
    8086        'formulaire_anonyme_explication' => 'This form is anonymous; meaning that the user’s identity won’t be recorded.',
    8187        'formulaires_aucun' => 'There is no form for now',
     88        'formulaires_aucun_champ' => 'There is currently no entry field for this form.',
    8289        'formulaires_dupliquer' => 'Duplicate the form',
    8390        'formulaires_dupliquer_copie' => '(copy)',
    168175        'traiter_email_option_activer_accuse_label' => 'Acknowledgement of receipt',
    169176        'traiter_email_option_activer_accuse_label_case' => 'Also send an email to the sender with a confirmation message.',
     177        'traiter_email_option_courriel_envoyeur_accuse_explication' => 'Specify the email used to send the acknowledgment. Otherwise, the recipient will be the sender.',
    170178        'traiter_email_option_courriel_envoyeur_accuse_label' => 'Email of the acknowledgement of receipt',
     179        'traiter_email_option_destinataires_champ_form_explication' => 'If one of the fields is an email address and you want to send the form to this address, select the field.',
     180        'traiter_email_option_destinataires_champ_form_label' => 'The recipient is in one of the fields of the forms',
    171181        'traiter_email_option_destinataires_explication' => 'Choose the field that corresponds to the message recipients.',
    172182        'traiter_email_option_destinataires_label' => 'Recipients',
    177187        'traiter_email_option_envoyeur_nom_explication' => 'Build this name using the @raccourcis@ (see the notes). If you enter nothing, it will be the name of the site.',
    178188        'traiter_email_option_envoyeur_nom_label' => 'Name of sender',
     189        'traiter_email_option_nom_envoyeur_accuse_explication' => 'Specify the name of the sender used to send the acknowledgment. Otherwise, the recipient will be the sender.',
     190        'traiter_email_option_nom_envoyeur_accuse_label' => 'Name of the sender of the acknowledgment',
    179191        'traiter_email_option_sujet_accuse_label' => 'Subject of the acknowledgement of receipt',
    180192        'traiter_email_option_sujet_explication' => 'Build topic using @raccourcis@. If you enter nothing, the subject will be built automatically.',
    201213        'traiter_enregistrement_option_identification_explication' => 'If the answers can be changed, which method is used first to know the answer to modify ?',
    202214        'traiter_enregistrement_option_identification_label' => 'Identification',
     215        'traiter_enregistrement_option_ip_label' => 'Record IPs (hidden after a period of retention)',
    203216        'traiter_enregistrement_option_moderation_label' => 'Moderation',
    204217        'traiter_enregistrement_option_modifiable_explication' => 'Editable: Visitors can change their answers afterwards.',
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