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[Salvatore] boussole-spip Export depuis de la langue en

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    r94458 r95286  
    11<traduction module="boussole-spip" gestionnaire="salvatore" url="" source="svn://" reference="fr">
    2         <langue code="en" url="" total="88" traduits="82" relire="0" modifs="0" nouveaux="6" pourcent="93.18">
     2        <langue code="en" url="" total="88" traduits="88" relire="0" modifs="0" nouveaux="0" pourcent="100.00">
    33                <traducteur nom="Benitron" lien="" />
    44                <traducteur nom="Eric Lupinacci" lien="" />
  • _plugins_/boussole_spip/trunk/lang/boussole-spip_en.php

    r93996 r95286  
    2626        'descriptif_site_spip_party' => 'To spend some time on coding SPIP: it’s nice. To meet users and developers in real life, with cakes and fruit juice  (or any other beverage...): it’s better! provides information about past meetings (minutes, photos) and coming events (date, agenda).',
    2727        'descriptif_site_spip_plugin' => ' is a complete directory of add-ons SPIP (plugins, skeletons, themes). For each add-on are indicated: description, author, licence, compatibility per SPIP version, last updates, status of translations, statistics, documentation and download links.',
     28        'descriptif_site_spip_plugincode' => ' is a SPIP plugins documentation space for their APIs, their source code , and some of their technical behaviours. This website is automatically generated from the PHPDoc included in the code of the plugins.',
    2829        'descriptif_site_spip_programmer' => ' is for developpers or webmasters skilled in PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. shows most of SPIP technical features (API, overloading, pipeline,...) with numerous coding examples. You can download the entire website in pdf format under free licence cc-by-sa. is translated in French, English and Spanish.',
    2930        'descriptif_site_spip_sedna' => ' is the RSS feeder on news about the SPIP galaxy. Latest news from more than 70 websites can be read.',
     31        'descriptif_site_spip_syntaxe' => 'SPIP Syntax provides a single page with the SPIP publishing form in free access to test all typographical shortcuts and immediately view rendering.',
    3032        'descriptif_site_spip_test' => 'On GRML.EU, install easily your own SPIP website (last development version). With mutualisationability of SPIP: only one installation of SPIP "core" for numerous websites, you are "home", on "your" website, with "your" configuration. Very convenient for SPIP trainings.',
    3133        'descriptif_site_spip_trad' => 'The translator space welcome those who want to help the SPIP user community by participating to translation work of SPIP itself and its miscellaneous contributions',
    5759        'nom_site_spip_party' => 'SPIP Party',
    5860        'nom_site_spip_plugin' => 'SPIP Plugins',
     61        'nom_site_spip_plugincode' => 'Plugins code',
    5962        'nom_site_spip_programmer' => 'Programming with SPIP',
    6063        'nom_site_spip_sedna' => 'Sedna',
     64        'nom_site_spip_syntaxe' => 'SPIP Syntax',
    6165        'nom_site_spip_test' => 'SPIP Test',
    6266        'nom_site_spip_trad' => 'Translate SPIP',
    8892        'slogan_site_spip_party' => 'Agenda of the SPIP meetings',
    8993        'slogan_site_spip_plugin' => 'SPIP Plugins Directory',
     94        'slogan_site_spip_plugincode' => 'Documentation of the plugin code',
    9095        'slogan_site_spip_programmer' => 'SPIP developers documentation',
    9196        'slogan_site_spip_sedna' => 'SPIP Galaxy RSS feeds',
     97        'slogan_site_spip_syntaxe' => 'Test text editing in SPIP',
    9298        'slogan_site_spip_test' => 'Test the set up and the implementation of a SPIP site',
    9399        'slogan_site_spip_trad' => 'Translators area for SPIP and its contributions',
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